Dec. 2, 2013

Dog Day - Fade Out - Joyride
Mac DeMarco - Live & Acoustic Vol. 1 - Only You
La Luz - It's Alive - Pink Slime
Slow Leaves - Second Chances - Second Chances
Dr. Dog - B-Room - Phenomenon
King Khan & the Shrines - Idle No More - So Wild
Rose Windows - The Sun Dogs - Heavenly Days
Bill Callahan - Dream River - Winter Road
Flaamingos - s/t - All I Wanna Do Is Live

Jesse & the Dandelions - A Mutual Understanding - Mistakes Often Haunted
James O-L - For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky - San Juan Song
John Ward's Electric Seance - Vol. 1 - Old Hag
Kacy & Clayton - The Day Is Past & Gone - Pretty Saro
Polyrhythmics - Libra Stripes - Bobo
Boreal Sons - Sounds All Around - Dear Mr. Deer
Pop. 1280 - Imps of Perversion - Human Probe II

Respect the views of others, and you will end up ahead.

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  1. This is so awesome because the days when it's slow at work and I'm not invited in to work, I sleep in until noon and miss your guy's morning broadcast show on the odd Monday. But now I don't have to because you provide it here online. Also, I never could hear a full b-cast because the drive to work isn't that long (20mins). Sawweet. By the way, nice blog background... although ominous super star destroyers are my 'universal' cup of space tea, but I love me a good borg episode any day of the week and, in fact, I bought the Star Trek 'Borg' Fan Collective. Anywho, with Star Trek and Star Wars out of the way, I've been an avid listener for at least a five years and you guys have THEEEE bestest morning b-cast, bar none. Live long and prosper. ;)