CONTEST! Win a China Dragon T-Shirt by Showing Us Your Best "Monday Morning Face"

If you follow the show at all, you know that Makin Whoopee is your English Language home to the greatest hockey league in the world: the Asia League of Ice Hockey. We've been bothering following the Asia League for years, and while we root for no team in particular...actually, no wait...Chad roots for the Nippon Paper Cranes, as he played with them from 1997-2002. Okay, maybe we do have some biases, but we have a soft spot for the China Dragon; they are the only team in the most populous country in the world, and they have not won a game, nor registered a single point, in 3 years.

Until, THIS year.

Thats right, the China Dragon lost 2 games in extra time this past season, garnering their first 2 POINTS in the standings. EVER. You could hear the partying from Xinjiang to Hong Kong.

So to commemorate, we are giving away 2 China Dragon T-Shirts, One Mens, and One Ladies. Size to be determined by the Winner, as we are going to have the good folks down at In.3s.Ts. make them, especially for you.

Here is how you win: Send us a picture of your best "Monday Morning Face". You know, the bleary eyed-there is not enough coffee in the world to wake me up- look you have when you stumble into work/school/court on a Monday Morning. Post it to our Facebook Page , Sent it to us via twitter.com/makin_whoopee. You can also email it to makinwhoopee[at]cjsr.com .

You Woke Me Up to Win a T Shirt?

Send your pictures to us by May 12th, 2013! We will announce the Winners on the May 13th show!

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