April 29, 2013 -

Marnie Stern - The Chronicles of Marnia - You Don't Turn Down
Ponctuation - 27 Club - Je ne lis pas
Love Electric - s/t - Inside Joke
Javelin - Hi Beams - Judgement Nite
White Fence - Cyclops Reap - Trouble Is Trouble Never Seen
the Men - New Moon - Without a Face
Spoke & Mirror - The Music is the Message - Cathode Ray
the Highest Order - If It's Real - Offer Still Sounds
Amy van Keeken - So Long - Fire For You
Crime & the City Solution - American Twilight - My Love Takes Me There
Nick Cave & Bad Seeds - Push the Sky Away - Jubilee Street
Cobra & Vulture - Grasslands - Closed-Eye Vision

Rely on your own good judgement to lead you to success.


CONTEST! Win a China Dragon T-Shirt by Showing Us Your Best "Monday Morning Face"

If you follow the show at all, you know that Makin Whoopee is your English Language home to the greatest hockey league in the world: the Asia League of Ice Hockey. We've been bothering following the Asia League for years, and while we root for no team in particular...actually, no wait...Chad roots for the Nippon Paper Cranes, as he played with them from 1997-2002. Okay, maybe we do have some biases, but we have a soft spot for the China Dragon; they are the only team in the most populous country in the world, and they have not won a game, nor registered a single point, in 3 years.

Until, THIS year.

Thats right, the China Dragon lost 2 games in extra time this past season, garnering their first 2 POINTS in the standings. EVER. You could hear the partying from Xinjiang to Hong Kong.

So to commemorate, we are giving away 2 China Dragon T-Shirts, One Mens, and One Ladies. Size to be determined by the Winner, as we are going to have the good folks down at In.3s.Ts. make them, especially for you.

Here is how you win: Send us a picture of your best "Monday Morning Face". You know, the bleary eyed-there is not enough coffee in the world to wake me up- look you have when you stumble into work/school/court on a Monday Morning. Post it to our Facebook Page , Sent it to us via twitter.com/makin_whoopee. You can also email it to makinwhoopee[at]cjsr.com .

You Woke Me Up to Win a T Shirt?

Send your pictures to us by May 12th, 2013! We will announce the Winners on the May 13th show!


April 22, 2013 - Jeff Samsonow Visits!

Jeff Samsonow of the Edmontonian Media Co. is with us today to talk about a short film project that Chad & Colin helped film.  It's called Startups and you can read about it here.



April 15, 2013

the Black Angels - Indigo Meadow - Evil Things
White Fence - 7" - Pink Gorilla
War Baby - Jesus Horse - Queen Bee
Cobra & Vulture - Grasslands - Ghost Town
the Coathangers - split EP - Derek's Song
Nü Sensae - split EP - Throw
Thee Ahs - Future Without Her - Someone Else
Lauren Mann & the Fairly Odd Folk - Over Land and Sea - Let's Make Our Escape
Wax Idols - Discipline & Desire - When It Happens
Low - The Invisible Way - Plastic Cup
the Burning Hell - People - Barbarians
the Bicycles - Stop Thinking So Much - Baby Boy
Chalres Bradley - Victim Of Love - Dusty Blue
Spoke and Mirror - The Music Is the Message - Charisma
Shotgun Jimmie - Everything, Everything - Proud Champions
Sin Fang - Flowers - Look at the Light
Mudhoney - Vanishing Point - What to Do With the Neutral

1. Act now for good results in the spring.
2. You will prosper in the field of entertainment.


April 8, 2013 -

the Bicycles - Stop Thinking So Much - Appalachian Mountain Station
Foxygen - We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic - No Destruction
Ólöf Arnalds - Sudden Elevation - Sudden Elevation
Ghostkeeper - Horse Chief War Thief - HCWT
Eddie Burns - Classic Harmonica Blues - Nine Below Zero
Buke & Gase - General Dome - Hiccup
the Black Angels - Indigo Meadow - Don't Play With Guns
Twin Library - Lowways - Two Thousand Too Fast
Elaquent - Parallel EP - Parallel
Charles Bradley - Victim of Love - Love Bug Blues
the Flaps - Again - Mephisto
War Baby - Jesus Horse - Dentada
B-17 - Psych Pop Toronto - Another Nocturnal Day
the Highest Order - If It's Real - Lonely Weekends
White Fence - Pink Gorilla 7" - Cyclops Reap
the Burning Hell - People - Amateur Rappers

1. Your luck will be good today.
2. You will be socially successful.


the Highest Order - If It's Real - Offer Still Stands
the Burning Hell - People - Grown-Ups
Devendra Banhart - Mala - Für Hildegard von Bingen
the Mary Onettes - Hit the Waves - Hit the Waves
Shout Out Louds - Optica - Blue Ice
Mount Moriah - Miracle Temple - Eureka Springs
Low - The Invisible Way - Just Make It Stop
the Fagmies - He's A Whore [Cheap Trick]
Look Away - Eyeball EP - Mad Girl's Love Song
Cobra & Vulture - Grasslands - We Lose Our Maps
Jessica Pratt - s/t - Casper
the Replacements - Songs For Slim EP - Lost Highway
les Soeur Boulay - Les poids des confettis - Lola en confiture
Charles Bradley - Victim of Love - Let Love Stand a Chance
Daniel Johnston -1990 -  Some Things Last a Long Time

A friend will soon you a present!