Jan 28, 2013 - Would JJ Direct SUPERMAN LIVES?

Yup. This could have been a thing.
Zounds! On Today's show, the Internet is down in the On Air Booth, forcing Chad to prepare the playlist using an Abacus! The Lads discuss JJ Abrams Directing Star Wars and Star Trek, Colin's appreciation for Resident Evil, and also This Kickstarter Project that wants to do a documentary on the "Thankfully Lost" Superman Epic " Superman Lives"

The Express and Company - 7" - Tall, Tall Pines
Henry Wagons - "Expecting Company?" - Give Things A Chance to Mend
Daniel Romano - Come Cry With Me - Chicken Bill
Mystical Weapons - s/t - Dirty
Bloodshot Bill - So Blue - No Help Wanted
Mad Ones - Burning Windows EP - Face of Love
Görgön Hörde - River City Wreckage Vol 1 - Automatic Man
TEEN - Milo Turns 50 - Ride the Wild
Rebuild/Repair - River City Wreckage Vol 1 - Zero Survival
James Kochalka Superstar - Beautiful Man - Old North Ender
Miniature - New Believers - Flashbulb
Andy Shauf - Bearer of Bad News - Hometown Hero
Foxygen - We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic - San Francisco
Jessica Pratt - s/t - Hollywood
Kate Nash - Death Proof EP - I Want a Boyfriend With a Car
Only You - 7" - Apply Myself
Shooting Guns - split 7" - Sky High and Blind

Your deepest desires will be granted.

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