Buddy Holly - Greatest Hits - Well Alright
Alistair Christl - 8 Songs By - Little Jane May
Putunia & the Vipers - s/t - Gitterbug
Dirty Ghosts - Metal Moon - Ropes that Way
Topanga - Oceans EP - Oceans
the Just Barelys - Mad Bits - Mountain Low
Ketamines - Spaced Out - Teenage Rebellion Time
B.A. Johnstons - Hi Dudes! - Truffle Shuffle
Famines - Collected Singles 2008-2011 - Faux Famous
Hellsongs - Long Live Lounge - War Pigs
the Black Bull - s/t - The Great Unknown
Mad Bomber Society - s/t - No Guarantees
Red Mass - Dig My Grave In the Mammoth Cave - Television Personalities
Ersen & Dadaslar - Istanbul 70 - Derman Bulunmaz
Pisces & Linda Bruner - Alternate History of Popular - Sam
Pauly & the Blow Bots - Stone Boner - Diarrhea Acrobat
Guided By Voices - Let's Go Eat the Factory - God Loves Us

1. A pleasant surprise is in store for you.
2. Your wisdome shall bring you much much respect in later years.


February 21, 2012 - Beware the Zombie Chad

On Today's show, Chad is off sick, so Colin holds down the fort. And by fort, we mean radio station. He talks the Weather, Long Johns, Spider-Man themes, and also the return of the tuesday morning fortune cookie!


Feb 14 2012 - A Colin and Textbot Valentines

On Todays show, Chad is on Holiday so Colin and Textbot rock a Valentines Day special and talk almost NOTHING About Valentines! Instead there was updates on the Asian Ice Hockey League, the Long John Index as well as Abraham Lincoln: VAMPIRE HUNTER.

Sloan - Hit and Run EP - "Where Are You Now?"
Shad - Old prince - "The Old Prince Still Lives at Home"
Scissor Sisters - Radio One Live Lounge - "Take Me Out"
Noisettes - Wild Young Hearts - "Never Forget You"
King Kahn and the Shrines - Supreme King Kahn and the Shrines - "Land of the Freak"
The Kills - Midnight Boom - "Cheap and Cheerful"
Joe Bird & Grrr - Edmonton Artists Collection 2002 - "Ramona"
Jake One Featuring Freeway and Brother Ali - The Truth 12 Inch - "The Truth"
Boliva - S/T - "Rudy's Call"
Forest City Lovers - Carriage - "Constellation"
Yellowgold - The Mellower - "Ive Seen Her Face Before"
Rusty - myspace.com/lanegolsen - I should be old enough to know"
Wyld Bunch - Wyld Times at Washinton High - "We Won't Take It"
Woodhands - Remorscapade - "I Want To Be Together"
Baseballs - Strike "Umbrella"
Mitchmatic - Its Probably Raining - "Why don't you know"
Great Aunt Ida - Nuclearize Me - "Paper Trail"

Lionel Bastus - Four - "She Can't Let Go"


Listener Requestapalooza 2

Hi Friends! No Sooner do I return to the show than Chad, the hardest working man in Edmonton Radio, takes a much needed vacation! He'll only be gone a week, which means I need to plan the music for the Valentines Edition of Makin Whoopee! SEEING as How I have no qualifications to do this, I NEED YOUR HELP! Request a song ( or Songs) I can play on the Show!

Now I do have some rules, which are as follows:

  1. Absolutely no swearing - If you can't sing this song to a bunch of bingo playing grandmothers, I can't play it.
  2. Indie only - I can only play music that isn't being heard on other Edmonton Radio stations. So that means sadly, No Beiber. HOWEVER If you find a Ukrainian rock cover of a Beiber tune, that is allowed. And Encouraged.
  3. 3 Minute Minimum - This is more of a preference than anything. I like longer tunes! 
  4. Canadian - My preference is for Canadian artists. The more, the merrier!
Thats it! You can make as many requests as you like! I'll accept them up until Monday Feb 13th at 5pm! Simply fill out the form below! 

Thanking you in advance, 



February 7 2012

Mitchmatic - It's Probably Raining - Why Don't You Know?
Durban Poison - Lost In Space - Ya Fit In Nice With the Scenery
Organic Orbit - Divisions - Brave
5th Projekt - V - Psych 66
Duchess Says - In A Fung Day T - L'ordre des Secteurs
Coeur de Pirate - Blonde - Danse et Danse
Long Weekends - Don't Reach Out - Don't Reach Out
Funkafeelya - Headphone Junkie - Time
the Diodes - Action/Reaction - Everything I Am
Dirty Ghosts - Metal Moon - Ropes That Way
the Ramones - Rocket to Russia - Rockaway Beach
Icarus - The Marvel World of Icarus - Spiderman
B.A. Johnston & the Moby Dicks - 7" - McDonald's Coupon Day
Foreign Born - Person To Person - Early Warnings
the Just Barelys - split 7" - Gorgeous Georgie
Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks - split 7" - Wheels of Fire

A friend will be important to you and your forthcoming success.