Makin Whoopee Presents: Terrible Remake - STAR WARS

Today on the Show, we debuted a new segment called 'Terrible Remakes', wherein we pick a popular movie, and then re-cast it, using the worst possible choices from present day pop culture. Chad and I made our picks, but also we had feedback from YOU the listener, as to who should be in the Cast. Listeners called, Texted and Tweeted suggestions! Thanks Folks!

The Cast So Far:

Luke Skywalker - Justin Beiber, Aziz Ansari
Princess Leia - No one suggested anything for Leia, so I chose 'Snooki'
Han Solo - Nicolas Cage
Chewbacca - Kevin Bacca...er...Bacon
Darth Vader - Ken Jeong, Christopher Walken
Emperor Palpatine - Martin Short
Obi Wan Kenobi - Helen Mirren, Keanu Reeves
Misc. Ewok - Bruno Mars

Have anything to add? Post in the comments below?

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