Whoa, a playlist!

Foxtail Brigade - The Bread & the Bait - Pan Asian Delight
Man Man - Life Fantastic - Knuckle Down
Fault of Mind - Seeing Blind - Cutting Tension
Hot Blood Bombers - Broke Travelling Hungry Love - 16 A's
Junior Boys - It's All True - A Truly Happy Ending
Mallard - Concrete Nature - Stumbling On Straight
Chad VanGaalen - Diaper Island - Wandering Spirits
Doug Hoyer - Walks With the Tender & Growing Night - Things That I'll Keep
Sloan - Cars [Gary Numan cover]
JEFF the Brotherhood - We Are the Champions - Hey Friend
Neil Young & International Harvesters - A Treasure - Grey Riders
Bradleyboy Mac Arthur - Salt Gun - Backdoor Man
Thurston Moore - Demolished Thoughts - Illuminine
Woods - Sun and Shade - Pushing Onlys
Metronomy - The English Riviera - We Broke Free
Eddie Ray - An Alternate History of Popular Music - Wait a Minute
the Reatards - Teenage Hate - I'm So Gone
the National - Exile Vilify

1. A short stranger will soon enter your life.
2. You and your loved ones will be happy in your life together.


  1. I finally woke up in time to catch your show. Thanks for making the hangover less painful - the Metronomy was especially helpful.


  2. Your welcome! Thanks for listening!