May 3, 2011 - You Can't Spell Harper without HAHAHAHAHA

On Todays Show, Chad takes a sick day, So Colin recaps a historic weekend in the History of weekends. He talks Royal Wedding, Bin Laden, and of course another 4 years of Stephen Harper. Unfortunately he didn't bring the paperwork home with him that had the playlist, so instead, here is a waffle receipe:

For this waffle recipe you will need: 4 ounces of all purpose flour, 4 ounces of whole-wheat flour, one tablespoon of sugar, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, some salt, three eggs, one and a half cup of milk, and some vegetable oil. And a waffle iron.
How to make a waffle in five easy steps: 1. Put all the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt) into one bowl. 2. Put all the wet ingredients (eggs, milk, and oil) into another bowl and beat, mix, shake, stir until the eggs and milk become one. 3. Pour the mix you've just made into the bowl with dry stuff and mix again, until there are no lumps left. 4. Now put half cup of batter you made in the waffle iron. It would be a good idea to have the waffle iron hot and ready if you are really hungry like us. Or you can wait for it to warm up since the batter can rest for a while anyways and even tastes better if it does (little secrets). 5. There is no number five with this waffle recipe, you are done! We told you it was a simple, quick and hassle free waffle recipe!
PS: We wanted to make this waffle recipe like a walk in the park so note one more thing - if you are short on waffle irons don't sweat it. Just pour the waffle mix on to a hot buttered up pan and make them like pancakes. They will lack the waffle shape but not the taste.
Oh, this waffle recipe will give you around eight or nine, 9 inch sized waffles. Enjoy.

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