April 12, 2011 - Taste My Skittled Wrath!

On Today's Show, Chad and Colin discuss names for a possible Skittle Wielding Movie Theatre Vigilante. They also discuss Formspring Questions, Celebrate' Cosmonaut Day' and discuss movies that need Supercars, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Louise Burns - Mellow Drama - Chinook (Sings from the Valley of Doubt)
Twin Library - The Heavy Drag - There's Nothing Out There
Yuck - s/t - Georgia
the Bridle Party - Class Act - Making Strange
Fast Romantics - Kidcutter - Denim Tuxedo
Medics - Dancing In Ceremony - The Modern
Beach Fossils - What A Pleasure - What A Pleasure
Herzog - Search - West Boulevard
Darlings - Warma - Don't Wanna Hang Out Tonight
the Babies - s/t - Meet Me In the City
Low - C'mon - Try To Sleep
Quintron - Sucre du Sauvage - Face Down in the Gutter
Middle Brother - s/t - Blue Eyes
Werner Frey - Canadian - Come to Edmonton
Vivian Girls - Share the Joy - The Other Girls
Christine Fellows - Femmes de chez nous - Mlle. Sténo
Big Dick - EP - Bodies
the Farrell Bros - Rumble @ the Opry - Goodbye Charlie

Fortune is on your side, play it for all it is worth.

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