Design A TextBot trivia postcard!

Hello friends! Big ups to all of you who supported our show and
station during this year's FunDrive! It's because of your support that
schmoes like Chad and I can come on the radio waves and entertain and
annoy you each week! So thank you muchly! Also, congrats to Heather on
winning the "lovely evening with Chad and Colin 2". We'll have details
on that soon!

Now then! On to business! If you are a regular listener to the show
you'll know we sometimes play a game called "Textbot Trivia" and give
out postcards with something clever written on the back from Chad and
I. Well, we haven't played in a while cuz, darnnit, I'm out of
postcards! This means I need some artwork, and this means I need YOU!

I'm looking for YOU to design a postcard for me! You can draw anything
you like so long as you scan it and send it to makinwhoopee@cjsr.com.
Here is the best part: everyone who submits artwork will have their
drawing turned into a postcard! Yup! Everyone! Include your mailing
address with your art and we'll even send you a copy of the printed
card! The only requirement is that your art fill a 6" x 4" space.
Other than that use you imagination and be a part of the show!

We'll take submissions for 2 weeks! Now go doodle!


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