November 30, 2010 - Ode to New Jersey Drivers

On Todays show, Colin discusses his both heart breaking but at the same time earth shattering grey cup weekend. Chad introduces the world to the Philadelphia Complaints Choir, where we learn that New Jersey drivers cannot drive, or park. They also update the Asian Ice Hockey League, and answer some formspring questions
Philedelphia Complaints Choir - Complaints Choir - Why, Why, Why
King Khan & the Shrines - Three Hairs and You're Mine - Don't Walk Away Mad
Broken Social Scene - Roll Play compilation - Alice the Elephant
Daniel Johnston - Is and Always Was - Queenie the Doggie
Gary Young - Hospital - Ralph the Vegetarian Robot
Bruce Springsteen - The Promise - Wrong Side of the Streets
Shadows of Knight - Pebbles - Potato Chip Song
Sparrow - The New Pastoral - The Quiet Revelation
Psychic Alliance - CJSW: Now With More Music - Tri-Scare-A-Tops
Bardo Pond - s/t - Don't Know About You
the Raincoats - s/t - Fairytale in the Supermarket
Sleater-Kinney - The Woods - The Fox
Atlas Sound - Bedroom Databank Vol. 1 - Autumn Intro Cascading Into University Courtyard
the Avalanches - Since I Left You - Etoh
Beck - At Home With the Groovebox - Boyz
Velella Velella - Atlantis Massif - Black Stripe

Next month will be hectic... yet delightful.


Makin Whoopee Movies: Star Trek TNG Awful Reboot

Today on the show we started talking about that Buffy the Vampire
Slayer remake that has made all the nerds mad, as it won't feature any
involvement from former writer, producer, director Joss Whedon. This
got us thinking about other movies that shouldn't be remade, but
nevertheless, led to some interesting ideas, like Will Smith starring
in Citizen Kane.

Chad raised the idea of casting Jason Statham as Jean Luc Picard in an
awful "Star Trek: the Next Generation" remake, so that got me thinkin:
what would be the worst, and yet, best cast for an unnecessary TNG
film? Here are my picks:

Picard - Jason Statham
Riker - Russel Crowe (with aussie accent)
Dr. Crusher - Jennifer Aniston
Data - Ben Affleck
Worf - Samuel L. Jackson
Troi - Kim Cardashian
Laforge - Kayne West
Wesley Crusher - Justin Beiber
Tasha Yar - Lindsey Lohan

That's my awful cast! Whuz yours?


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November 23, 2010 - Reboots Rebooted

On Todays Show, we warm up a very cold Edmonton day with some nice accordian music, and talk Movie Reboots! We decide Will Smith should be in everything, except for Running Man ( though he could be that too) and a Partridge Family Movie with Justin Beiber. We also update the Asian Ice Hockey League!
Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest - Basement Scene
F&M - Sincerely, F&M - Fame
Hot Panda - How Come I'm Dead? - Pools
John Legend & the Roots - Wake Up! - Little Ghetto Boy
the Concretes - WYWH - All Day
the Mitts - Collected Recordings - Heart of Time
Atlas Sound - Bedroom Database Vol. 1 - Wild Love
the Rentals - Return of the Rentals - Waiting
Reverie Sound Revue - s/t - I Could Be Dangerous
Laura Marling - Blues Run the Game - Blues Run the Game
B.A. Johnston - Thank you for being a friend - Snow Shovel Blues
My Bloody Valentine - Tremolo EP - Swallow
KC Accidental - Anthems for the Could've Bin Pills - Them (pop song #3333)
Ólöf Arnalds - Innundir skinni - Innundir skinni



Michael Rault - Ma-Me-O - Let Me Go Out
Women - Public Strain - Heat Distraction
Mini Mansions - s/t - The Room Outside
the Autumn Defense - Once Around - Tell Me What You Want
Twin Library - Folkrecorder EP - The Snow Blurred
Shooting Guns - 7' - Harmonic Steppenwolf
Cripple Creek Fairies - Eater of Astronauts - Connection
Modest Mouse - Interstate 8 - Sleepwalking
KC Accidental - Captured Anthems for an Empty Bathtub - Kev's Message for Charlie
the Hang-Ten Hangmen - Songs from the Scaffold - Weekend With Batman
the Duke Spirit - Kusama EP - Victory
John Wesley Coleman - Bad Lady Goes to Jail - Bad Lady Goes to Jail
Belle & Sebastian - Write About Love - The Ghost of Rockschool
Small Black - New Chain - New Chain
Bikini - RIPJDS - American Mourning
Abstract Artform - His Story in the Making - Country Boy
Lyra Brown - She Said She Said [Beatles cover]

Relax and concentrate on your career plans.


Design A TextBot trivia postcard!

Hello friends! Big ups to all of you who supported our show and
station during this year's FunDrive! It's because of your support that
schmoes like Chad and I can come on the radio waves and entertain and
annoy you each week! So thank you muchly! Also, congrats to Heather on
winning the "lovely evening with Chad and Colin 2". We'll have details
on that soon!

Now then! On to business! If you are a regular listener to the show
you'll know we sometimes play a game called "Textbot Trivia" and give
out postcards with something clever written on the back from Chad and
I. Well, we haven't played in a while cuz, darnnit, I'm out of
postcards! This means I need some artwork, and this means I need YOU!

I'm looking for YOU to design a postcard for me! You can draw anything
you like so long as you scan it and send it to makinwhoopee@cjsr.com.
Here is the best part: everyone who submits artwork will have their
drawing turned into a postcard! Yup! Everyone! Include your mailing
address with your art and we'll even send you a copy of the printed
card! The only requirement is that your art fill a 6" x 4" space.
Other than that use you imagination and be a part of the show!

We'll take submissions for 2 weeks! Now go doodle!



Best Coast - Crazy For You - Summer Mood
J.C. Satàn - Sick of Love - Odyssey of Love
Twin Library - Folkrecorder - Heavy House
F&M - Sincerely, F&M - Maybe Tomorrow [Theme from the Littlest Hobo]
Bonspiel! - Dancin' Like Your Uncle - Hey Mr. Man
Black Mastiff - Black Mastiff EP - Last Line of Defense
Zola Jesus - Valusia EP - Poor Animal
Grimes - Halfaxa - Devon
Glasser - Ring - Phone
the Hang-Ten Hangmen - Songs from the Scaffold - Death Rattle
Fops - Yeth Yeth Yeth - Yellow Jacket Corpse
Jupe Jupe - Invaders - Something About Love
the Autumn Defense - Once Around - Allow Me
Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - War on War
K.C. Accidental - Captured Anthems for an Empty Bathtub - Nancy and the Girdle Boy
the Details - The Original Mark EP - Surface Breaks

Constant Grinding Can Turn an Iron Nod Into a Needle