Not 1 but 2 Fundrive shows next week!

Its Fundrive time here at CJSR, where we ask for your support to keep
CJSR the vibrant energetic and independent radio station that we all
know and love. Now the schedule only calls for 1 episode of "Makin
Whoopee", at its normal Tuesday time slot, but unfortunately, Colin
will be out of the country (and hopefully not in Guantamo Bay), and
won't be able to make it! SO Makin Whoopee is going to do another
show, Wednesday November 3rd from 9am to 11am, following "Clockwork
Orange Juice". Double Rainbows!!

That's "Makin Whoopee" with Chad and Guests, Tuesday November 2nd from
7am to 9am, and "Makin Whoopee 2" with Chad and Colin, Wednesday
November 3rd from 9am to 11am, following "Clockwork Orange Juice"!

Dial Click and Donate! www.CJSR.com

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Neil Young - Le Noise - Sign of Love
the Benders - Three Sheets to the Wind - Fear of Zombies
Elvis Costello - National Ransom - National Ransom
Kevin Walker - Gungo - Hometown is Motown
Zach Hill - Face Tat - The Primitives Talk
Cygnets - Bleak Anthems - Hey Alexandra!
Small Black - New Chain - Photojournalist
Belle & Sebastian - Write About Love - I Want the World to Stop
Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz - Vesuvius
John Legend & the Roots - Wake Up! - Hang On In There
Zola Jesus - Stridulum - I Can't Stand
Glasser - Ring - Mirrorage
Warpaint - The Fool - Shadows
Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest - He Would Have Laughed
The Joe - Playfight - Playfight
Bruce Haack - Farad: The Electric Voice - Man Kind

Keep a "go for it" attitude and you are sure to be a winner.


Glasser - Ring - Apply
Small Black - New Chain - Search Party
Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz - Now That I Am Older
Hot Panda - How Come I'm Dead? - Evil Nature
Knucklehead - Hearts On Fire - End in Sight
The Black - Sun in the Day Moon at Night - Freeway (Exiled)
Lab Coast - Split 7" - For Now
Mermaids - Tropsicle - Make Believe
John Legend & the Roots - Wake Up! - Compared to What?
Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest - Don't Cry
Belle & Sebastian - Write About Love - Come on Sister
Of Montreal - False Priest - Sex Karma (feat Solange Knowles)
Cygnets - Bleak Anthems - Telepaths
Bruce Haack - Farad: The Electric Voice - Noon Day Sun
Dalush & the Click - Ruff Rugged & Raw - I'll Make U Feel Good
Owen Pallett - A Swedish Love Story EP - Honour the Dead, Or Else
Blonde Redhead - Penny Sparkle - Not Getting There

You will step on the soil of many countries.


Ed Masuga - Let Me Tune My Heartstrings - On a Moonlit Lake
The Hundred in the Hands - s/t - Killing It
Powerglove - Saturday Morning Apocalypse - Inspector Gadget
Ben Disaster - Lloyd Tillman Is... - Last Night
Small Sins - Pot Calls Kettle Black - Why Don't You Believe Me?
Bruce Haack - Farad - Scandal at the Parkade
Owen Pallett - A Swedish Love Story - Scandal at the Parkade
DaLush and the Click - Ruff Rugged and Raw - Your Dismissed (with your Bad self)
John Legend & the Roots - Wake Up! - Hard Times feat Black Thought [Curtis Mayfield cover]
the New Lou Reeds - Hit Songs - Torch'd
Church of the Very Bright Lights - Gang Crimes - Jerk Chicken
Lab Coast - Lab Coast/Extra Happy Ghost Split 7" - 82 Will I Be You
The Migrant - Travels in Lowland - The Organ Grinder
Ólöf Arnalds - Innundir skinni - Vinur minn
Passion Pit - Sleepyhead EP - Sleepyhead (Grum Radio Edit)
Breathe Owl Breathe - Magic Central - Dogwalkers of the the New Age
Adam Taylor - Play the Piano Drunk - 12:51 [Strokes cover]
Margaret Cho - Cho Dependent - I'm Sorry
Random Recipe - Fold It! Mold It! - Pack Your Bags

Be prepared to accept an excellent opportunity unexpectedly.


October 5 2010 - Somebody Stop George Lucas

On Todays show, Chad returns from his New York holiday, and speaks of cities that never sleep, his Pavement experience, and the wonder of Chinese Tex-Mex dining. The lads also talk Star Wars 3D, update the Asian Ice Hockey League (and hope the China Dragon are OK) and take your questions via Formspring.

Nice Face - Immer Etwas - A Minor Altercation
Lab Coast - Wilding - Walking Through the Park
Pavement - Live in Central Park - And Then (The Hexx)
Four Tet - Angel Echoes + Remixes - Angel Echoes (Caribou Remix)
Toubab Krewe - TK2 - NTB
Holy Sons - Survivalist Tales - Payoff
Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart - Let Spirits Ride
Mermaids - Holiday 7" - Whirlpool
B.A. Johnston - Thank You For Being a Friend - Minivan Rollin
The Hush Now - Shiver Me Starships - The Other Ones
Amen Dunes - Murder Dull Mind - Murder Dull Mind
Bryan Joseph - Songs From the Summer of God - Skeleton Club
Hot Panda - How Come I'm Dead? - Evil Nature
Sky Larkin - Kaleide - Kaleide
Effi Briest - Rhizomes - Mirror Rim
Gabe Levine - Long Spun Thread - Long Spun Thread
Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca [Expanded Edition] - No Intention

Now is the time to complete all unfinished business.