Sept 14, 2010 - Sally is our leader

On Todays show, Chad and Colin are joined by a special guest: Sally Poulsen of The Edmontonian, the Mystery Ponies and Producer/Director/Leader Bean of the ‘12 Months of Stephen Harper’ Videos. They load her up with danish and coffee, and then discuss Uncle Jesse, Teenagers who wear hats, Corey Hart, and rock out to some music by ‘The Joe’.

Playlist to come!


  1. hey guys...great show as always. thanks for the Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings tip. Really liking the 'I learned the hard way' cd i just picked up from amazon.

    oh yeah you had me looking for famous people/bands from Saskatchewan after hearing the show, i went here...

  2. HOW THE HELL did i forget about Colin James. I'm ashamed of myself!

    - Colin!