Did the China Dragon get a NEW LOGO??

So I'm sitting here doing some browsing, getting ready for the exciting, bone mangling return of the Asian Hockey League ( Regular Season returns September 18th!), when i see the League has a new website. Much like the old website, it doesn't really work all that well ( or at least not the English Version) and there isn't much info...except for a possible new look for the China Dragon! Check out the website header!! I don't know what that is ( Yellow blob inside a red blob?) but its easily a step up from the Half Moon and hockey stick they had last year! I can't find a 'China Dragon' website, so details yet, but when i know, you'll know!

More details to come! Coverage of the Asian Ice Hockey League begins on 'Makin Whoopee' Tuesday September 21!

- Colin


  1. I am so pumped for the new season!

  2. the new logo will push the dragons to new heights, winning an unprecedented 5 games this year