Colin's Request Show!

Hi Friends, your friendly neighbourhood Colin here, and i have a problem.

See, Chad is on Holiday next week, which means I *gulp* i have to program the music for next weeks show. ALL THE MUSIC! Normally i don't mind programming the music, and have a couple playlists as backup, just in case Chad is captured by ice wolves, or zombie elves and can't come in use and use his musical knowledge to entertain us all. However, i have already used those playlists! They are all gone, and i can't play them twice! Thats like a CJSR RULE, and if i a break it, i face the wrath of the CJSR Complaints Bear

So, dear listeners, this is where you come in!

I need YOU to help me program some music! I want your requests to play on next week's show! We usually play between 20-25 songs, so I'd like to get at least 12! This is your chance to have some of YOUR favorite music played on your 3RD Favorite Morning show! There are some criteria though: including the following:

• The song can absolutly NOT have any swearing or foul language. I'll send my Mom after you. Not even kidding
• The song can't be less than 3 minutes. Unless its like super awesome. But 3 minutes or longer preferred.
• The song has to be available for purchase or legal download. I plan on making a CD of this mix ( best audio quality)
• I would prefer the song be upbeat/uptempo etc etc. Its the Morning after all! People need their Audio Coffee.
• I would very much prefer a Canadian Artist

So there you have it folks! Your request can be any genre: hip hop, folk, bluegrass, soul! Whatever you fancy! Simply put the name of the artist, the track, the album and YOUR FIRST NAME ( so i can give you credit) in the comments of this post! Hopefully we'll have a groovy mix for next week's show!

Thanks again for listening!



  1. Hey Colin, Great idea for next weeks show!! Here's a quick list off the top of my head.


    Land Of The Freak - King Khan & The Shrines - What is?!
    Stylo - Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
    Looking Glass - Little Dragon - Machine Dreams
    I wasn't made for fighting - Woodhands - Heart Attack
    Memphis & 53rd - Minus The Bear - Menos el Oso
    Quarry Hymns - Land of talk - Cloak and Cipher
    Buggin' - The Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin
    (CANADIAN) Don't Turn The Lights On - Chromeo - Business Casual
    (CANADIAN) Ageless Beauty - Stars - Set Yourself On Fire
    Gravity's Bringing Us Down - Beulah - The Coast Is Never Clear

  2. I'd like to request the following:

    Cadence Weapon's "Oliver Square" from the album Breaking Kayfabe.

    Corb Lund's "Five Dollar Bill" from the album of the same name.

  3. Colin, out of Greg's requests, a lot of them are in the library. That Chromeo record is even Gnu Wax this week.

    Play some Best Coast from the album Crazy For You (it's in the Gnu Wax). "Goodbye" is the best!

  4. How about something off the new Falklands record? (I'm partial to Saint Vinny and Lonely Soul.)

    Sandman Viper Command - Strawberry Quick

    Dan Mangan - Tina's Fabulous Comeback

    Hannah Georgas - Bang Bang You're Dead

  5. Alright...so maybe the radio edit of that Hannah Georgas song won't cut it with your no-swearing rule...

    Anything else from her should suffice. "Dancefloor" is upbeat.

    Also, that Dan Mangan song is "Tina's Glorious Comeback," not fabulous. Bah!

  6. Something by Aloe Blacc would be cool. I've heard 'I Need a Dollar' a few times on CJSR, but there are a bunch of great songs on that album

    'Rabid Bits of Time' by Chad Vangaalen

    'That's That' by Doom (some of the best rhymes EVER. may or may not be some coarse language. not sure, off the top of my head...)

    Any song ever written by The Russian Futurists

    Something off of Peter Bjorn & John's 'Living Things' ('It Don't Move Me', 'Nothing to Worry About')

  7. Dear Friendly Neighbourhood Colin,

    Here are a few things I would like for Christmas. And when I say Christmas, I mean my tuesday morning drive to school.

    1. Anything Jeff said. (Falklands - "Lonely Soul".. or "Earthquake". Or "Good to See You", Dan Mangan - what he said., Hannah Georgas -what he said..


    2. The Old Sins - Six String Dreams (Four Songs Demo/EP)
    + SLATES - Coffin Ships or... yeah probably Coffin Ships. Or Anything of their S/T LP.