Aug 3, 2010 - Brad's Drink: Choice of a New Generation

On Todays Show, Chad and Colin attempt to reel you back in from your long weekend. Textbot reveals that Pepsi was once known as 'Brad's Drink' and the boys take YOUR questions on Formspring, answering things like ' what is your favorite milkshake', ' what is the best handshake' and ' did you realize Tom Hanks acts in movies wherein no Tom Hank's exist! '
Grave Mistakes - Dig Your Own Grave - Death Toll Rising
the Nymphets - Slow Song 7" - Slow Song (Clean Edit)
Jaill - That's How We Burn - Thank Us Later
the Love Language - Libraries - Summer Dust
Dave Rave - Live With What You Know - You're Going To London
Danny Michel - Sunset - When I'm You
Lab Coast - Wilding - Rather Been Alone
Wavves - King of the Beach - Super Soaker
Best Coast - Crazy For You - Boyfriend
Rae Spoon - Love is a Hunter - We Can't Be Lovers With These Guns On Each Other
El-P - Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3 - Whores: The Movie
M.I.A. - Maya - Born Free
Mountain Man - Made the Harbor - Animal Tracker
Plastiq Passion - To Be a Blade of Grass In Cracked Pavement - I.D.K.
Sunfields - Palace in the Sun - Palace
Balacade - Specific, Northwest - Two Spirits
Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record - Meet Me In the Basement

Jason Zumpano - Room and Mansion - You Only Dream To Test Me
Sajia Sultana - Bengali Winter - String of Pearls

Shira G. - Secrets - Something About a Fish
Matthew Maaskant - Believe It or Not, This is the Place - You Only Dream to Test Me
the Tight Ship - I Feel Good... - I'm a Natural Dancer

If you don't have time to treasure your life now, when will you?

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  1. Nice job on the pop can. I want some Brad's Drink now.