Adventures in Podcasting: Episode VII

Fans of the Podcast have probably been wondering; " Ey! Where are my keys?"  and also " Hey! Where is the podcast!" Well my friends, the Podcasts are edited and rarin to go, HOWEVER there seems to be a technical glitch uploading them onto the interwebs! Not quite sure what the deal is, but rest assured, when it IS fixed, you'll have a couple episodes waitin for ya!

Sorry for the Inconvenience! Thanks for Listening!

- Colin 


what was the first piece of music you bought? How old were you?

Colin: Weezer's Blue Album. 14.
Chad: (What's the Story) Morning Glory? by Oasis. I was 11.

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were you at the victoria's secret grand opening?

No! This is because CJSR's mobile broadcast thing was not up and running.

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ha, where were you the day the smoke hit edmonton?

Colin didn't notice cuz he was at work.
Chad assumed the Fringe burned down. Then used Twitter to find out what it actually was. And no one knew. I was SCARED.
All day I wanted BBQ.

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Maybe the show should be renamed Makin Sporadic Podcasts.

Maybe your show should be called The Stupid Show, What Is Dumb All the Time!

(Podcasts on the way!)

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What are your favourite pizza toppings?

Colin: Vegetables! Or anything.
Chad: No onions, no olives.

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Aug 24, 2010 - Take THAT Sparadic

Devon Welsh - My Bedroom - Colour in My Head
Pearl Harbor - Something About the Charpilis - MLO
Sleater-Kinney - The Woods - Modern Girl
Caribou - Tour 2010 - Cellophane
Velvet Davenport - White Blue - When You Are Out
the Vaselines - Sex With An X - Sex With An X
Dreamend - So I Ate Myself, Bite By Bite - Where You Belong
Wilco - Wilco (the Album) - Solitaire
Whiskey Face - Our Past Is Bronzed - So Far Gone
the Electric Company - The Sign Song
Hot Chip - We Have Remixes EP - Brothers (Caribou remix)
!!! - Strange Weather, Isn't It? - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass
Broken Social Scene - All to All Remixes - All to All (Sebastian Sex Legs Grainger remix)
Rachel Sweet - Protect the Innocent - Tonight
Rough Trade - For Those Who Think Young - All Touch
Limes - Rhinestone River - Vacation
Julian Casablancas - I'll Try Anything Once
1. Energy will abound next month.
2. Your reputation for being honest will bring rewards.


Friday the 13th!

As we all know, I love Crispin Glover, and horror films. So Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter is obviously the perfect marriage of those two things. Now what if we mixed in RATATAT?


NO Podcast This week!

Hi Friends! Monday night we had a massive storm in Edmonton, which resulted in a power outage at CJSR, and the backup computer getting knocked around. Due to this equipment failure, no MP3's were recorded, so we are unable to provide you with a Podcast this week. But we'll be back tuesday morning!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Your Pals,

Chad and Colin

Here, make your own playlist at home!

Mitchmatic - Two Weeks Off - On and On
Forest City Lovers - Carriage - Phodils & Tyto
Tim Gilberston - Palisades -
City Streets - The Jazz Age - Last Waltz Party
New Pornographers - Together - Bite Out of My Bed
Hellbound Hepcats - s/t - Onion Song
the Vanishers - The Biggest Hand - 4am
Wolf Parade - EXPO 86 - Cloud Shadow on the Mountain
Staylefish - Colour By Numbers - 3:22
Young Rival - s/t - Got What You Need
the Salteens - Moths - Hallowed Ways
Cat Empire - Cinema - Falling
Magic Kids - Memphis - Candy
Love is All - Two Thousand and Ten Injuries - Early Warning
Teen Sleuth - Where the Animals Trace the Stars - That Humanoid is Haunted
Keep Me Safe - E.P.ilogue on Opposite Day - 16 in April
Best Coast - Crazy For You - Crazy For You
Blitzen Trapper - Destroyer of the Void - Evening Star
Lab Coast - Wilding - Walking Through the Park

are you guys ever gonna do a show on location somewhere?

We'd like to! But only if there can be somewhere there is Breakfast. Good hearty eggs and bacony breakfast, with copious amounts of Orange Juice.

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how did you guys get the name for your show? it could have been rakin poopy

Once upon a time there was CJSR volunteer named Jon, who used to do fill-ins, and would always play Mel Torme's cover of 'Makin' Whoopee' as his theme music. One day, Jon and his friend Chad got a Tuesday morning show, so they called it 'Makin' Whoopee'. Later, Jon left, leaving Chad by his lonesome, until one day, some fool named Colin knocked on the door of CJSR, looking for the washroom....

And now you know the rest of the story.

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12 Months of Stephen Harper: April

Aug 3, 2010 - Brad's Drink: Choice of a New Generation

On Todays Show, Chad and Colin attempt to reel you back in from your long weekend. Textbot reveals that Pepsi was once known as 'Brad's Drink' and the boys take YOUR questions on Formspring, answering things like ' what is your favorite milkshake', ' what is the best handshake' and ' did you realize Tom Hanks acts in movies wherein no Tom Hank's exist! '
Grave Mistakes - Dig Your Own Grave - Death Toll Rising
the Nymphets - Slow Song 7" - Slow Song (Clean Edit)
Jaill - That's How We Burn - Thank Us Later
the Love Language - Libraries - Summer Dust
Dave Rave - Live With What You Know - You're Going To London
Danny Michel - Sunset - When I'm You
Lab Coast - Wilding - Rather Been Alone
Wavves - King of the Beach - Super Soaker
Best Coast - Crazy For You - Boyfriend
Rae Spoon - Love is a Hunter - We Can't Be Lovers With These Guns On Each Other
El-P - Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3 - Whores: The Movie
M.I.A. - Maya - Born Free
Mountain Man - Made the Harbor - Animal Tracker
Plastiq Passion - To Be a Blade of Grass In Cracked Pavement - I.D.K.
Sunfields - Palace in the Sun - Palace
Balacade - Specific, Northwest - Two Spirits
Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record - Meet Me In the Basement

Jason Zumpano - Room and Mansion - You Only Dream To Test Me
Sajia Sultana - Bengali Winter - String of Pearls

Shira G. - Secrets - Something About a Fish
Matthew Maaskant - Believe It or Not, This is the Place - You Only Dream to Test Me
the Tight Ship - I Feel Good... - I'm a Natural Dancer

If you don't have time to treasure your life now, when will you?