iTunes Envy

Way back when we first started doing the podcast version of the radio
show, One of our goals was to get the show in the iTunes store.
Unfortunatley, our show wasn't accepted. Insert frowny face here.
Apple doesn't tell you why your podcast is rejected, or tell you how
to get your show in. All they do is send you to a page listing
possible reasons why you ain't allowed! So I wiped a tear and never
really thought that much about it.

Until I found out, other cjsr shows are in iTunes!

Both prog rock radio and from the darkness of my soul are in the
iTunes store! Heck even the late 25 to life has some shows there! So
naturally I'm filled with jealous rage, and after talking to Trevor at
Prog Rock, have received some tips on how to get the show into iTunes!

So stay tuned! There may be a new blog or podcast feed comin soon! And
then maybe we can grow the show and RULE THIS PLANET WITH AN IRON FIST!

Drive Safe,