5 Pin Bowling: Canada's Unofficial Sport???

This past Saturday, Chad and myself both attended the 'CJSR Volunteer Party', at Plaza Bowl and Latitude 53 here in the Edmontons. During this event, i learned an interesting nugget of information i had never heard before, and could NOT believe it was true: That 5 Pin Bowling, with the wee little Ball, is actually a Canadian invention.

Say Whuzza?

A quick internet search of this fact, reveals that YES, is in fact a CANADIAN ONLY modification of the standard 10 pin bowling! According to the Wikipedia entry, 5 Pin was invented in 1909 by Thomas Ryan of Toronto, who when customers whined about bowling being to strenuous, he let them play with smaller rubber balls, and pins that were a 25% shorter than normal pins.

With this revelation, I have 2 questions:

2. WHY ARE WE NOT CELEBRATING 5 PIN AS A CANADIAN THING! Why is there no 'Bowling Night in Canada'? Where is a national championship ala Curling? Why aren't people winning barrels of maple syrup in curling tournaments?

I dont know about you all, but i plan to go bowling more. ALOT more. And wear a touque and eat shreddies while doing it. Why? Cuz I'm a Patriotic Canadian.

- Colin

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