Deadliest Prime Minister: ROUND 2 DETAILS

So last week i was wondering publicly about how we were going to solve our 'Deadliest Prime Minister Round 2' problem. That problem being of course, that we have 11 Prime Ministers left, which is an odd number, but we needed to have it a nice even number, preferably divisible by 4 , in order to produce an eventual winner. Certainly i didnt have an idea on how we could fix this. I mean what am I? Some sort of tournament rocket scientist? Scoff!

Well Fear not friends. Chad, has a plan.

Chad is proposing we take the 11 round one victors, and divide them into 4 matches: 1 will be an ordinary 2 man match ( 1 vs 1) and the other three ( count em) THREE will be 3 MAN DEATHMATCHES! That means out of 11 Prime Minsters, only 4 will be going on to the Deadliest Prime Minster Semi Finals!

We'll do the draw live on the air this tuesday morning from 7am to 9am! To recap, here is who remains after round 1:

Stephan Harper
Brian Mulroney
Sir Charles Tupper
Louis St. Laurant
Jean Chretien
Sir Wilfred Laurier
Lester B. Person
Alexander Mackenzie
Sir John A Macdonald
John Deifenbaker
Pierre Elliot Trudeau

So; who you got?

- Colin

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  1. Sir John A will cleary need his best street-fighting skills for this one...