the LYRA BROWN show

Here is an edited, 'Lyra Only' version of this weeks show, starring of course, Edmonton Singer/Songwriter Lyra Brown. Its about 30 minutes of an 'Interview' ( to use the term loosely. George Strombo we aint) and a Live, In Studio performance by Lyra, who rocks pretty good at 830 in the morning!

You can enjoy it here

Oh and check the heck out of Lyra Brown's Myspace for exclusive tracks and concert info!


  1. Hi! Great blog here! You should add the blogger gadget called "Followers" to your right hand column so we all have an easy way to follow your blog! Thanks!

  2. Hey i just went to Lyra's myspace page. I think she has a new song on there called Graffiti Eyes cause it's only got 4 plays. It's really good. ok how can i get a cd of hers??? Is this the only place to hear her music, besides your show of course??