Deadliest Prime Minister: Round 1 Results SO FAR

After weeks and weeks, we are almost nearing the end of Round 1 on 'Deadliest Prime Minister'; a highly advanced 4-D computer simulation in which all of Canada's 22 Prime Ministers face off in a round robin, winner take all, fight to the death! All Prime Ministers have been analyzed and plugged into the 'Deadliest Prime Minister Fight Matrix', where they engage in simulated combat 1 million times.

The first round matchups were chosen at random. For those who haven't been scoring at home, here are results:

Stephan Harper defeats Sir Mackenzie Bowell
Brian Mulroney mauls Sir John Thompson
Sir Charles Tupper embarrasses Paul Martin
Louis St. Laurent destroys Joe Clark
Jean Chretien grapplizes John Turner
Sir Wilfred Laurier atomizes Kim Campbell
Lester B. Pearson pulverizes William Lyon Mackenzie King
Alexander Mackenzie whackifizes Arther Meighn
Sir John A Macdonald Drinkifizes Richard Bennett

There are two more matchups remaining: Sir John Abbott vs John Defienbaker and our ROUND 1 FINALE - Robert Borden vs Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

Abbot vs Defeinbaker: after 8:30 am this tuesday LIVE on CJSR in Edmonton or On Demand on this website! Stay Tuuuuned!

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