Big ups to Chad and Lyra

Hello Listeners...er Readers...

I apologize for sounding out of it on the show this week. I'm battling
a bit of a bug, and Tuesday morning, whoa was it a battle. So I have
to give major Props to Chad for carrying the show, pretty much by
himself, and to our lovely guest and best friend of the show, Lyra
Brown. Let's face it, she could carry both of us!

Podcast will be up Friday morning.

Thanks for listening!


1 comment:

  1. in sickness and in health we the people are dedicated to makin whoopee. between play the VU, which i never hear on ANY station and lyra brown who was really cool, it was a great show. in fact i'm gonna go see her tonight at steeps, hope she plays that song with the ponoka reference?? um...i can't remember the name of the song??