Jan 19, 2010 - Lyra for the Win

On todays show, Chad is fired up, Colin is fired down with space flu, but neither of that matters, as Edmonton Singer/Songwriter/Supergirl Lyra Brown is IN THE HOUSE! Its Lyra's second 2nd appearance on the show ( for the first, click here ), and this time she brings here 88, which Colin learns, is what musicians call a 'Piano'. She then dazzles us, and YOU, with some new songs, which you won't hear anywhere else....unless you're Lyra, in which case, you hear them all the time.

To listen to the show, or to download it, click here.

We'll also be posting a special 'LYRA ONLY' edit of the podcast in the next few days. So be sure to check back for that, or subscribe to the podcast, and you'll get it automatically.

Oh and check the heck out of Lyra's Myspace.

Best Coast - s/t - In My Room
Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker - Amy
Land of Talk - Some Are Lakes - It's Okay
El Perro Del Mar - Love Is Not Pop - Heavenly Arms
Chloe Hall - Outside - Shipwreck
Hannah Georgas - Chit Chat EP - Thick Skin
the Mumlers - Don't Throw Me Away - Tangled Up In You
Thom Yorke - Twilight New Moon Soundtrack - Hearing Damage
Duplex - Worser - That's How We Make a Sandwich
the Flaming Lips - Transmissions From the Satellite Heart - Slow Nerve Action
Daniel Johnston - Rejected Unknown - Love Forever
Years - The Major Life
LYRA BROWN - LIVE - Mostly Only
Archers of Loaf - Harnessed in Slums
Stereolab - Switched On - Way Will Be Opening
Velvet Underground - Loaded - Who Loves the Sun?
The Famines - Sweet Treats - Live Sessions from CJSW - Free Love Is A Sales Technique
LYRA BROWN - LIVE - Vegetarian Veterinarian
LYRA BROWN - LIVE - The Outskirts of Optimism


  1. I only heard the last 45 minutes of the show.. but you played Best Coast AND Land of Talk! I heart you! Actually, you're show was maybe the best show ever, between your set list and Lyra Brown, I may have peed a little.




    like little kids with forks and knives in our hands impatiently waiting for our food

  3. i have been nourished. thanks makin' whoopee!!! I have to agree with lana, i'm diggin' the best coast. thanks for the scoop on that.

  4. Could you play Yuppy Flu by Land Of Talk sometime? Just bought their CD Some Are Lakes and yeah, really good song! It could be like a celebration cause colin might be over his flu soon and you know flu season is almost over.