Downtown Lyra Brown!

So i was wondering through City Centre Mall the other day, naturally doing some semi last minute Christmas Shopping, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Lyra Brown Performing NEW YEARS EVE!?!? Yup! One of our favorite Artists is performing New Years eve, at Churchhill Square as part of the City of Edmonton's New Years eve bash! She'll be on the CBC Center Stage from 9pm till 945pm.

If you've never seen Lyra live, i suggest you do so! As one of the commenters to the blog put it, 'She is Awesome!'

Oh and if you missed her live appearance/performance on our show in July, you can dig that here and check out her myspace


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  1. After hearing her on your last show i went and saw Lyra last night. Her lyrics are amazing and she put on a great show. Thanks for the tip...