Dec 15, 2009 - Octonuts

On Todays Show, Chad and Colin have to survive not only a) the winter but b) doing a radio show SANS THE INTERNET! No Internet means No Asia Hockey Update, No Deadliest Prime Minister, No Text Bot Trivia, and the lads making up their own weather forecast. However, they do investigate with the help of the Listeners, the strange story connecting Octopus to Coconuts.

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Corb Lund - Losin' Lonely Gambler - Long Gone to Saskatchewan
Katalin Kiss - A Happenstance - A Happenstance
the Fast Romantics - s/t - Soup Song
Electric - Mantra - Stones in My Head
the Proclaimers - Notes & Rhymes - Images of Sin
Manraygun - Everything is Temporary - Goodman Brown
the Litter - Distortions - Watcha Gonna Do About It
Corvina - Well Hung: Garage Rock Explosions from Communist Hungary - A tüz
Screeching Weasel - My Brain Hurts - Teenage Freakshow
Azeda Booth - Tubtrek - Samoan Girls
Young Galaxy - Invisible Republic - Queen Drum
Animal Collective - Fall Be Kind EP - Graze
Jay Farrar & Ben Gibbard - One Fast Move and I'm Gone soundtrack - California Zephyr
100 Mile House - From Fall to Fall - Broken Flowers
Neil Young - Dreamin' Man Live '92 - Dreamin' Man
Fink - Distance & Time - If Only
the Pines - Tremolo - Heart & Bones

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