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Good Day Loyal Crew

Yes the rumours are true and YES i was in Vancouver last week, for what i've come to call a 'whirlwind trip'. A whirlwind trip is where you take a hyper condensed vacation, that is so short and jam packed that you don't realize its over until you are on your way home. 

I hadn't been to Vancouver since i was just a lad, and its quite the place! So i thought i'd share some of my thoughts and opinions on Van City.

First of all: Vancouver people don't sleep; as clearly shown by the amount of people walking around with coffee cups. There are coffee shops, EVERYWHERE! 2 per block, sometimes one on top of the other! Everyone had a coffee cup in their hand. One might think that even the pan handlers were asking for change with their outstretched coffee cups. FALSE! They just wanted some fresh columbian roast. 

Another neat thing about Vancouver is the fashion. When was the last time you wore rubber boots? Grade 2? Grade 3? Well let me tell ya, in Vancouver, Rubber boots are all the rage! Before heading out, every vancouverite grabs their umbrella, a cup of coffee (naturally) and their rubber boots. It was very interesting to see the very stylish and well dressed citizens of downtown vancouver with their posh jackets, stylish suits and Goodyear Rubber boots, sloshing around Robson street.

Now we all know that Vancouver doesn't get the same winter we do on the prairies, but to my understanding it does get a little cold. Many trees were showing fall colours, with PILES of maple leaves on the ground ( Side Note: Why don't we have Maple Trees in Edmonton? I feel so Non Canadian!).  So you can imagine my confusion when we saw people planting flowers! Ummm..Aren't your plants dying? Won't the flowers wilt, or worse yet, Drown? 

Maybe Vancoverites hate all non coffee producing plants. 


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