Nov 17 2009 - Half Music. Half Chatter. Allll Nerd

On Today's show, we try something we've never done before: LAST HOUR, MOSTLY CHATTER! We celebrate the release of the Newerish Star Trek film on Blu Ray and DVD ( you know at some point we should get some $$ for all this pub) with a 'Star Trek Spectacular' Round Table Chat, with Special Guests, CJSR's Joceyln Saskiw and Samantha Power!

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Crush Luther - Some People Have No Good to Give - A Light
Magilla Funk Conduit - New Set New Sound - Truth (feat Jesse Lipscome & Marlon Wilson)
Hot Kid - Someday Somehow - Halifax
Emiliana Torrini - Me and Armini - Jungle Drum
the Fiery Furnaces - Bitter Tea - Teach Me Sweetheart
the Sandwitches - How to Make Ambient Sadcake - Fire
Tim Cohen - Take Aim Goliath
Tape Deck Mountain - In the Dirt
Systems Officer - Shape Shifter
Pavement - Westing (by Musket and Sextant) - Recorder Grot (Rally)
King Khan & BBQ Show - Invisible Girl - Invisible Girl
Screeching Weasel - Bark Like a Dog - Phasers on Kill
Cuff the Duke - Way Down Here - It's All A Blur
Devilsplender - Hometown Riot - My Cell
Language Arts - Where Were You In the Wild? - Where Were You In the Wild?
Still Life Still - Girls Come Too - Kid

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