Could the China Dragon Lose the Entire Season??

We're are 1/3 into the Asia League Hockey Season, and EVERYONE is wondering the same thing:

Is it possible that the China Dragon, formerly the China Sharks, Lose ALL of their 32 Regular Season Games?

The Dragon are certainly on their way. After 11 games, they have yet to register a single point, with 11 regulation losses. While their Defence isnt the worst in the league ( 51 goals, 1 fewer than High1's League worst 1), the offence is appallingly bad. The toothless, Fireless, Dragon, have scored just 16 goals this season. Hard to put many points in the standings when you are averaging only 1.45 goals a game.

The immediate future doesn't look to get any easier for the Dragon. They face the under- performing Anyang Halla in their next series, and one has to think Halla is going to attempt to take full advantage to turn their season around. However, if the Dragon can eek out a victory, or dare we say, a regular season point, against last years Regular Season champion, it could go along way in saving their season.


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