The Best of Textbot: Volume 1

We get lots of Great messages here on the show: MANY of which don't have anything to do with what we are talking about on Air! SO I thought it would be fun if i posted some of the best messages TextBot has received, in a completely random and dissordly fashioned! Hence forth, Makin Whoopee Presents: The Best of TextBot: Volume 1

"Long Enough"
"Rareth and Saturb"
"Lettuce Sandwhiches are Very Popular in Japan"
"F*ck You"
"And No One is still going on about where he was born! You made that up you Tabloid! You are Yellow Journalism!"
"Sweet! Thanks"
"Play Some Good Music"
"4 Billion Dollars was a Steal. Play TMNT Mask by Chad Van Galen Please"
"Cash Register"
" I Once saw a dude jogging whilst smoking. He was also wearing chuck taylors, knee socks and short shorts. F*cking Hipsters"
"Chewing Gum. Second Guess is cash register. They had to Sell the Gum!"
" Hi "
"Does Kevin Du play for the China Sharks?"
" I believe 'zounds' is pronounced 'zoonds' as in a shortened form of 'Gods Wounds'"
"I'm listening too"
"F*ck You!!"



  1. Wow. Two F*ck Yous. Impressive.

  2. A lot of the time we ask for them during the show, but sometimes, like the two Fuck Yous, we get them when we aren't even on the air.