Sept 1, 2009 - Back 2 Skool with Spider-Ham!!

On Todays show, we welcome all the kiddies back go school and geek out BIG TIME over Marvel being purchased by Mickey Mouse. Good Grief! However, we pitch the idea to Disney of bringing back "Spider-Ham" and for them to make MANY MANY films!

We also FINALLY rip the Lid off "Deadliest Prime Mininster" More details to come on the blog this week!

To listen to, or to download the show, click here

Big Sugar - Big Sugar - Come Back Baby
Dana Wylie Band - Almost There... - Even In Saskatchewan
Joel Plaskett - Three - Through & Through & Through
Petunia & the Loons - s/t - Cold Heart Breaker
Shad - Old Prince - Old Prince Still Lives At Home
Travis - Ode to J. Smith - Last Words
Woodhands - Live Session - I Can't See Straight
the Gruesomes - HEY! - Out of Our Tree
Chad Van Gaalen - Soft Airplane - TMNT Mask
Extra Happy Ghost! - How the Beach Boys Sound to Those With No Feelings - Neither Being Nor Nothingness
Fruit Bats - The Ruminant Band - the Hobo Girl
Gold Rush - #1 - Electric Lettuce
Cass McCombs - Catacombs - Dreams-Come-True-Girl (feat Karen Black)
Regina Spektor - Far - Folding Chair
Patrick Watson - Wooden Arms - Man Like You
Metro - Well Hung: Funk-Rock Eruptions From Beneath Communist Hungary - A pénz
Ty Segall - Lemons - Standing at the Station
the Famines - The First World War
Ween - The Mollusk - Ocean Man

Your search for knowledge will lead you to high places.

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