Mythbuster Host BOOTS Makin' Whoopee Host? CONFIRMED

Stupid Famous TV Stars. Think they're so big.

So This friday, I was supposed to appear on CJSR's 'Skeptically Speaking', which is the worlds ONLY Skeptical Call in Talk Show. Now I'm not a Skeptic Per say, but I DO LIKE SPORTS (asianhockeyleagueasianhockeyleague) so i was going to talk about Sports Superstitions, and make all the skeptic nerds roll their eyes about that sort of thing.

And then I get a Voicemail from Skeptically Speaking Host, Desiree.

" I may have to bump you, because I might be getting Adam Savage on the show'.

For those who aren't aware who Adam Savage is, You should know that YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK AND SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. Adam is one of the hosts of 'Mythbusters', aka, the greatest television production in history.

For a person of that stature to be on CJSR is a pretty big deal, so naturally, I'm whiney about getting bumped. Just between you and Me, I think Desiree was worried i'd tarnish her show's good name and alienate her audience (Agreed), so she had to run out and get one of the coolest dudes on the planet to save her show. Scoff.

You can check out 'Skeptically Speaking' LIVE at 6pm Friday on CJSR, or listen to the podcast at www.skepticallyspeaking.com


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