FunDrive is GO

Well Friends its that time of year again; the ONE and only time we here ask you the fans for a little bit of love! YES Its CJSR's Annual 'FunDrive' and being a campus based, community radio station, we very much depend on the support of every day folks like you! So if you enjoy our show, or other CJSR shows, then please head on over to CJSR.COM and make a donation!

OR if you want to wait till our show is live, you can donate then!

More 'Makin Whoopee FunDrive Spectacular' Details to come!



  1. If either or both of the Makin' Whoopees aren't thoroughly spent following their most grand performance this morning, the 68 Comeback Special would be happy to have them in on Thursday afternoon to make a pitch or two.
    We'd be more likely to blog it more as a deathmatch-type challenge to a couple of mealy-mouthed cowards who couldn't pitch their way out of a paper bag, etc, etc. - the words always come out differently than they were first imagined - but again, there's an open invitation for you.

  2. Sorry Dudes! I am working! Good luck with your show though - Colin

  3. And I have a doctor's appointment!

    Thanks so much for the invite though. It would have been a blast!