For weeks, nay, MONTHS, we've been barking about our new segment, 'Deadliest Prime Minister'. Well during the september 15th show we actually did the first round draw LIVE on the CJSR Airwaves and met with some suprising, and dare we say, wicked, matchups.

Now before i post the First Round draw, we should perhaps explain, what exactly is going to happen with 'Deadliest Prime Minister' and what the rules are.

1. 'Deadliest Prime Minister' is a computer simulated battle featuring all 22 Canadian Prime Ministers, who will square off in a single elimination tournament..TO THE DEATH!

2. The 'Makin Whoopee Prime Minister Simutron 9000' has been programed with variables and abilities, of each prime minister, and will simulate an individual battle, at least 1 bajillion times, in order to ensure more accurate results.

3. We will Simulate 2 matches per week, until finally we reach the Finals, sometime in Spring 2010.

Now then, here are your first round matchups:

1. Sir Mackenzie Bowell vs Stephan Harper
2. Sir John Thompson vs Brian Mulroney
3. Sir Charles Tupper vs Paul Martin
4. Louis St. Laurent vs Joe Clark
5. John Turner vs Jean Chretien
6. Sir Wilfred Laurier vs Kim Campbell
7. Lester B. Pearson vs William Lyon Mackenzie King
8. Arthur Meighn vs Alexander Mackenzie
9. Sir John A. Macdonald vs Richard Bennett
10. Sir Robert Borden vs Pierre Trudeau
11. Sir John Abbot vs John Deifenbaker

Round One begins October 5th!

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