Tuesday Morning WORKFAIL

For those who aren't aware, this lovely radio show Chad and I do is very much volunteer: YUP we get paid ZERO Dollars for making Tuesday Mornings awesome. Chad usually has the day off, but i go into work late tuesdays, and occasionally, if we are super swamped, i am forced to bypass the radio show and concentrate on the ol paycheque.

Well this week we had a big project roll thru, so i texted Chad to let him know i couldn't come. The client was supposed to phone us at 630am tuesday, and we'd rush into finishing the job! 

Problem was..client didn't phone at 630...or 730...or 830...client phoned at 3:00pm! Argh!

Anyhoo, Im headin to the CJSR Mothership today and i'll grab the show and post it up in the next few days!


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