Paper Crane Leaves a Comment on our Blog! DUDE!!!

So the other day, i do what i normally do every morning; Wake up, Jog 35 miles, wrassle a bear, and then come home, have breakfast and check my email, when i notice that someone has left a comment on ye' ol blog. Now we get the odd comment, nothing to crazy, but this one was a weeee different.

I think Chad put it best: "Dude.DUDE!!"

"Hello from the land of the rising sun, where little black haired people with slanted eyes eat fish heads and walk really fast. I just found your website, wish I found it last year!! I think you site is great, funny, and very contagious! Keep up the good work!! By the way, this is Yule75 from the Cranes, looking to repeat and destroy anyone that comes in our way! I will personally put my SIGNED hockey card and sweaty socks up for the winner of this years Asian Hockey Pool! Cheers Yuley

NOW this would appear to be a comment from Defending Asian Ice Hockey League Champion Nippon Paper Cranes forward Chris Yule, WHO if you remember, scored a Hat Trick against the Seibu Prince Rabbits in Game 1 of the Asian Hockey League Finals last season. Is it authentic? I believe so! Why??

a) I've seen Chris comment on the Jhockey Blog, where i get alot of Asian Hockey Info ( Simon, who runs the blog does a great job ).
b) Hockey is the only sport where every player gets a 'Y' on the end of his name, which becomes his hockey nickname. Hence 'Yule' becomes 'Yuley'. (FACT: Wayne Gretzky's actual legal name, is Wayne Gretzk)

So We're pretty excited by this! Chris, if you read this, thanks a bunch for your kind words, and We'd love to hear from you again! Send us an email at makinwhoopee[at]cjsr.com

More Asian Hockey News coming soon!



  1. Chris makes an appearance eh, awesome! Good luck to the Cranes this year (it's an interesting season with all the changes to the league, and the Cranes are one of the best teams.)

  2. Hello Chad, Colin, fellow Edmontonians and Asian Ice Hockey fans! Your still doing a great job on covering the greatest game on earth!

    I see that you have found my hockey card, I don't know where you found it but you better hold onto it, it just might put your kids through college!! Yes, this is the real "AUTHENTIC" Yuley from the Cranes... as I said in the previous comment, I will still honor my promise to this years winner and up the ante to a Cranes tee!! So, come on hockey fans keep in touch on makinwhoppee.ca and have a chance to win some real prizes! hehe

    You guys rock!


  3. sorry about that makinwhopee.ca. My eyes aren't as wide as everyone elses so forgive me about that!

  4. Thanks Yuley! I predict you guys are gonna be in tough this year: Me thinks Halla is going to want revenge after taking the regular season and then getting dumped in the playoffs!

    Good Luck though! Keep us posted!