So I took a trip to Okotoks Alberta this weekend to visit my Friends Dave and Dawn! I hadn't seen them in a couple years, since they scampered off from the friendly confines of Edmonton to teach English as a Second Language in South Korea! ANYHOO It was great to see them, Okotoks is very lovely, and dudes i got SPOILED! BBQ Chicken? Delicious! Homemade Brownies? Touchdown, and not only that, Dave and Dawn actually WATCHED AN ASIAN HOCKEY LEAGUE GAME while they were in South Korea, and got a TON OF FREE STUFF! They gave me an Anyang Halla Mousepad, and some Brochures to give away, and let me touch...ALBEIT CAREFULLY, this GORGEOUS Anyang Halla Media Guide! Dawn said she'd help me contact Anyang Halla to get more free stuff too!

We'll be giving away one of the brochures on TextBot Trivia Tomorrow ( july 28th)! That and Dana Wylie on the Show is going to be ONE OF THE MOST INTENSE EPISODES EVER! Listen Live 7am to 9am mountain on WWW.CJSR.COM or On Demand RIGHT HERE


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