July 7, 2009 - Theres a Lobot now??

On today's show, Colin shows off his Birthday card, and forces Chad, and CJSR' employees to eat left over cake. No word on their health so far. Also, Textbot stumps the world with his Star Wars Trivia question, and everyone enjoys music that means bidness!

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Harlem Shakes - Technicolor Health - TFO
Little Girl - Tambourine - Tambourine
Beth Jeans Houghton - Golden - Golden
the Lovely Feathers - Fantasy of the Lot - Ossified Homes
Still Flyin' - Never Gonna Touch the Ground - Good Thing It's a Ghost Town Around Here
Crocodiles - Summer of Hate - Here Comes the Sky
Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca - Stillness is the Move
Zeus - Sounds Like Zeus - Marching Through Your Head
Pretty Vanilla - In 7 Inches Deep - Lost in the Soda Shop
Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada - Coconut Rock - El Diablo Y El Ñau Ñau
Math the Band - Don't Worry - Why Didn't You Get Haircut
Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest - While You Wait For the Others
Hot Blood Bombers - Dirty Little Party - Detroit Touch
Liza Kate - Don't Let the Dogs - Don't Let the Dogs
Dynamo Coléoptera - s/t - Memagurushi UTA (le chant trépidant)
Eugene McGuinness - s/t - Fonz
Lyra Brown - s/t - Rescuer
Elizabeth & the Catapult - Taller Children - Rainiest Day of Summer
Au Revoir Simone - Still Night, Still Light - Shadows
Jennifer LFO - Songs from the Alien Beacon - The Key (Different Than I Used to Be)
Royal City - 1999-2004 - A Belly Was Made for Wine
the Bummers - The Bummers' BBQ - You Set the Fire
the Most Serene Republic - ...and the Ever Expanding Universe - The Old Forever New Things

Look for some bargains this month.

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