Dana Wylie Band on CJSR

Well our show with Lyra Brown went so well, we're gonna try this ' Con a Musical Guest to come onto the show' thing again. Luckily for us: We've snagged The Dana Wylie Band ( or it could just be 'Dana Wylie Band'. Thats a question we'll ask) IN THE MIDDLE OF THE THEIR TOUR YET! They've been jumpin all over Western Canada on Tour this summer, but they will brave the early morning to come perform FOR YOU!

Now not only is Dana an incredible Singer / Songwriter / Musician, and not only are her Bandmates Jeremy and Nye Awesome musicians as well, but DANA and myself, are from the same small town in Saskatchewan. Yes I am alerting their local newspaper, and yes i do expect a parade to be held in our honour ( though mostly her honour).

Dana and her band will be on the July 28th Show at 8:06am ( Mountain time) They'll play some songs, tell us some stories about whats it like to tour in Alberta, England and...Thailand? And we'll have some good folky fun!You can listen live on 88.5fm in Edmonton or stream live on www.cjsr.com! OR if you have the shoutCAST app for iphone, you can find CJSR on that too!

Check out Dana Wylie Band ( or is it THE Dana Wylie Band? ) Here and their myspace page here

See ya then!


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