TextBot 2.0??

For those who aren't aware, There is a third member of the Makin Whoopee Team...actually, i should correct myself.. technically there are lots of members: Chad, myself, Herb Alpert, The CJSR Bear, but there is ONLY ONE Robot member of Makin Whoopee and thats Textbot. He's the loveable scamp who receives all your text messages, calculates the information, and uses it as he compiles data before he activates all the machines and runs amok in a robot apocolypse. Now one would think that would be a problem, but its not. HOWEVER there is a Problem: Textbot is pricey!

Currently, I pay about $15 a month to charge up Texbot's minutes. Thats not all that much, mind you, but if you consider that Textbot only comes out of his hidey hole once a week for 2 hours ( the rest of time, spent in his lab, compiling that Apocolypse Data), it seems as Spock would say ' Illogical'. So i am in the process of upgrading Textbot and switching cell providers, hopefully to a company whos minutes don't expire every 10 minutes.

Any suggestions? Anyone use a pay as you go phone thats cheap, and doesn't expire that quickly? If you comment, Textbot will spare you in the robot uprising! Promise!


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