June 2, 2009 - We're just all Turkey, Spiders and Old Folks

On today's show, Colin gets spooked by Chad's 1970's Lord of the Rings record, they boy's celebrate ( and berate ) Jon Peter's birthday, and talk Giant Spiders. Chad also shares the Wisdom and funk of Joe Tex, which strikes a chord with some listeners, annnnnd then Colin forgets the Tuesday Morning fortune cookie. So instead, they grab a funny horoscope from www.humorscope.com

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Spent Penny - Wake Up
Mika Miko - We Be Xuxa - Turkey Sandwich
Endangered Ape - Ape Shall Not Kill Ape - Whites of My Eyes
Harlem Shakes - Technicolor Health - Niagara Falls
the Faunts - Feel. Love. Thinking. Of. - It Hurts Me All the Time
Mike Evin - Good Watermelon - Rockin' Receptionist
Floating Action - 50 Lashes
Hayden - The Place We Used to Live - Let's Break Up
Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest - Two Weeks
Jarvis Cocker - "Further Complications." - Leftovers
the Get Down - Dirty Power EP - Time
Heidi Happy - Flowers, Birds and Home - O-o-oh
the Honeydogs - Sunshine Committee - Balaclava
Apostle of Hustle - Eats Darkness - Soul Unwind
Joe Tex - Rub Down - Be Kind to Old People
Jenny Owen Youngs - Transmitter Failure - If I Didn't Know
Eamon McGrath - 13 Tales of Whiskey & Light - Desperation, Alberta
the Bummers - BBQ - Teenage Eyeballs
Kisses of Fire - Only Mountains - 2 Weeks
the Yells - Demo - Track 3
Meatdraw - Fin du Monophone - Black Licence Plates


  1. No podcast today!?

  2. Have no Fear Citizen! I am putting together the podcast as we speak! Unfortunately after the live show is done at 9 i have to go day job. Blast!

    The Podcast will be on the Internets later this evening!

    Thanks for listening!


  3. Hooray! The law is on my side!