June 9, 2009 - The Greatest Idea IN THE HISTORY of Ideas

On Todays show, We turn a discussion on Spike's lame but kinda wicked 'Deadliest Warrior' Show, into AN EVEN More Spectacular show idea: DEADLIEST PRIME MINISTER, which is officially in pre production! Will Jean Chretien's force Grip deflect Stephen Harper's Missle Arms? We'll have to see! Also, Chad is off travelling ( again ) as he ventures of to San Fransisco, and gets lots of suggestions on where to go and what to see and do. If you're good, he'll bring you back a souvenier!

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Sonic Youth - The Eternal - Anti-Orgasm
Sean Savage - Sunshine Melodies - Childhood
Liechtenstein - Survival Strategies In a Modern World - Postcard
Delby L - Nine Skies - John From Cincinnati Part One
Plastik Joy - 3:03 - Sleepy Quest for Coffee
Suckers - s/t - Easy Chairs
Beck - One Foot in the Grave - Forcefield
The Rest - Everyone All At Once - Sheep in Wolves' Clothing
Márcio Local - Says Don Day Don Dree Don Don - Pret a Luxo
Staff Benda Bilili - Très Très Fort - Polio
Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest - Cheerleader
Mixylodian - the "K" EP - Pretty Little Spell
'It It - Hang Out EP - Ontario Girls
Makeout Videotape - Heat Wave! - I Guess the Lord is in New York
Harlem Shakes - Technicolor Health - Unhurried Hearts (Passaic Pastoral)
Neko Case - Middle Cyclone - People Got a Lotta Nerve
Françoiz Breut - À l'aveuglette - Les Jeunes Pousses
Smokekiller - 13 - Jenny
Woods - Songs of Shame - Down This Road
Still Flyin' - Never Gonna Touch the Ground - Forever Dudes

People Find It Difficult to Resist Your Persuasive Manner.

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