Report: Textbot 'Ready To Leave' Makin Whoopee

Edmonton AB - Contract negotations between Textbot, 'Makin Whoopee's' text message receiving robot, and representatives for 'Makin Whoopee', have broken down, prompting Textbot's agents to say they are willing to leave CJSR's Tuesday Morning Show.

In an interview with the BBC, Textbot's Agent, Scott Borhas, said they are looking at other offers.

" We feel as though the show is being quite unfair to Textbot. We feel that we've been held back by the show, and delibrately prevented from having a larger part to play in the show. All we've asked for is a larger show presence, a long term contract extension, and a monthly supply of weapons grade plutonium."

"Quite frankly, we're all dissapointed about the lack of progress, but, when our contract expires in Early July, we are Ready to Leave CJSR if we can't get a deal done. We've had some interest from other stations in Edmonton, as well as a possible reality television series on Fox News." said Borhas.

Representatives of 'Makin Whoopee' could not be reached for comment.

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