Airtravel for Chad, Bacon for Colin! WOOP WOOP

So Tuesday, right after the show was over, Chad had to leave rather hastily, in order to catch his flight to San Fransisco, where he plans to join Starfleet Academy. UNFORTUNATELY FOR HIM, he missed out on the greatest gift a morning show DJ could ever ask for: Delicious Home Made Breakfast! Scrambled Eggs, Bacon and Pancakes, Courtesy of our good friend, Fellow CJSR DJ and Local Edmonton Playsmith Bohdan Tarasenko ( who you may remember from last Year's Edmonton Fringe Fest's Green Eggs and Kerouac ). Friends, you don't know true bliss until after you've had a pancake/egg/bacon burrito. Breakfast vs San Fran? I say Breakfast Wins!

BTW You can listen to Bohdan ( and Lada ) Every friday, 7pm to 9pm on 'Sounds Ukranian' on CJSR!

DOUBLE BTW, feel free to bring us breakfast. You could see your name here!


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