June 30, 2009 - All Hail TexBot!

On todays show, we debut "TextBot Trivia" which listener Kayley NAILS out of the park. She wins a ' Get out of Robot Apocolypse Free" Pass! Chad also regales us with Stories from Sled Island, and Colin tries ( in vain ) to get people to suggest pranks to play on missing coworkers.

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Rubies - Explode From the Center - Too Bright
Reverie Sound Revue - s/t - Arrows
Church of the Very Bright Lights - Pagoda Flats - Pagoda Flats
the High Strung - Ode to the Inverse of the Dude - Real Stone
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Eating Us - Dark Bubbles
Daestro - Moondagger - Toxic Crusader
Hayden - The Place Where We Lived - Message From London
the Breeders - Mountain Battles - German Studies
Luxury Pond - s/t - Clay
the Lovely Feathers - Fantasy of the Lot - Long Walks
❍ vs ☐- ❍ vs ☐ - Melody Boy
Portland Cello Project - The Thao & Justin Power Sessions - Beat (Health, Life, and Fire) (feat Thao)
Lyra Brown - s/t - Easy
the James T. Kirks - Theme From Twilight Living Room 7" - Theme from the Living Work
Jordan Klassen - Tempest & Winter - Anatomical Literacy
Hitch - Clair. Obscur - We Were All Wrong
Placebo - Battle For the Sun - Ashtray Heart
Tiny Masters of Today - Skeletons - Ambercrombie Zombie
Boo Hoo - Don't Die - Married to the World
Immaculate Machine - High on Jackson Hill - He's a Biter
the Got To Get Got - Sahalee - Gettin' Dirty in the Afterlife
Eagle and Talon - Thracian - It's a Fortress

A change of heart may lead to a new living environment.


TextBot Re-signs with Makin Whoopee

For Immediate Release -

Makin Whoopee, CJSR's most popular Tuesday Morning show, is very pleased to announce that the show, and Textbot, its very popular robot co host, have come to an agreement on a longterm contract extension, effective immediately.

This deal will ensure TextBots' place on CJSR's tuesday morning airwaves, as well as guaranteeing TextBot increased exposure during show. Both parties are in agreement that this deal will be to the benefit of fans for many many many many years to come.

'Makin Whoopee' is CJSR's Tuesday Morning show, hosted by Humans Chad and Colin. It is broadcast from CJSR's Studios in Edmonton Alberta, every tuesday from 7am to 9am.


Report: Textbot 'Ready To Leave' Makin Whoopee

Edmonton AB - Contract negotations between Textbot, 'Makin Whoopee's' text message receiving robot, and representatives for 'Makin Whoopee', have broken down, prompting Textbot's agents to say they are willing to leave CJSR's Tuesday Morning Show.

In an interview with the BBC, Textbot's Agent, Scott Borhas, said they are looking at other offers.

" We feel as though the show is being quite unfair to Textbot. We feel that we've been held back by the show, and delibrately prevented from having a larger part to play in the show. All we've asked for is a larger show presence, a long term contract extension, and a monthly supply of weapons grade plutonium."

"Quite frankly, we're all dissapointed about the lack of progress, but, when our contract expires in Early July, we are Ready to Leave CJSR if we can't get a deal done. We've had some interest from other stations in Edmonton, as well as a possible reality television series on Fox News." said Borhas.

Representatives of 'Makin Whoopee' could not be reached for comment.


Lyra Brown LIVE!!!

Guess what!!? We're going to have our FIRST MUSICAL GUEST Ever*! Lyra Brown, who's EP we've been rocking over the last couple weeks is going to be In Studio with Chad, Textbot and Myself, Tuesday July 14th for the 8am to 9am hour! She'll play some songs, melt your heart, and tell you what it was like to perform with Emily Haines in Toronto! Woop Woop!

To check out Lyra's wicked talent, dig her myspace page

Mark it in Yo Blackberrys!


*unless you consider chad's roomate who came in one day to play the saw. Yes, the saw.


June 23, 2009 - Sleepy Widdle Pups

On Todays Show, Chad and Colin are both kinda sleepy, as Colin has returned from a wedding, and Chad mentally prepares himself for Sled Island! That lads talk about Sonar Moles, Clouds of Bees ( or Cookies ), give away stuff on the air, AND make a special show announcement!

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Exploding Dogs - s/t - Pink Sweat Pants
Kara Keith - Musique du Kara Keith - Visions Fugitives
New York Dolls - 'Cause I Sez So - Muddy Bones
Lou Reed - American Poet - I'm Waiting for the Man (live)
Bishop Allen - Grrr... - Oklahoma
Pink Mountaintops - Outside Love - Execution
Think About Life - Family - Wizzzard
the Hoa Hoa's - Sonic Bloom - Landing on the Moon
Cadence Weapon - Separation Anxiety - The Morning After (prod C-Sekshun)
Silversun Pickups - Swoon - Surrounded (or Spiraling)
Pixies - Complete B-Sides - Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf Mix)
Mika Miko - We Be Xuxa - Sex Jazz
Casper & the Cookies - Modern Silence - Cloud of Bees
the Vaselines - Enter the Vaselines - Teenage Superstars
Thunder Power - Love Yourself - Your Pantry
Papermoon - Only During Thunderstorms - What Are You Going to Do With Me?
King Khan & the Shrines - What Is!? - Land of the Freak
Placebo - Covers - Johnny and Mary
PJ Harvey & John Parish - A Woman A Man Walked By - Sixteen, Fifteen, Fourteen
Likewise Vultures - Our Sacred Tryst - A Death in Midsummer
Malajube - Labyrinthes - Porté Disparu

1. The evening promises romantic interests.
2. You will lead a happy life.


Woodhands - Live iTunes Exclusive EP - I Can't See Straight
Pine Tarts - Faux Fauves - City
Amelia Earhart - Skeleton EP - Georgia
Eagle and Talon - Thracian - Georgia
the Smoke - My Friend Jack 7" - Waterfall
Feral Children - Currents EP - Dance Machine
The Ghost Is Dancing - Battles On - Battles On
the Burning Hell - Tick Tock - The Things That People Make
Q65 - I Despise You 7" - I Despise You
Deradoorian - Mind Raft EP - Weed Jam
the Pretty Things - Big City 7" - Get Yourself Home
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Vs. Children - Tom Justice, The Choir Boy Robber, Apprehended at Ace Hardware in Libertyville, IL
Great Bloomers - Speak of Trouble - Honey Blanket
Happy - 'Kiss. Bang.' - Pigeons
the Preachers - Who Do You Love 7" - Stay Out of My World
Jason Lytle - Yours Truly, The Commuter - Brand New Sun
K-Bar-T - Tomorrow Before Today - On First Impressions

Contact those that share your interest in a project.


How to Turn Your Kids into Trekkies

You know sometimes you come across things on the Internets, that you HAVE to re-post: Like this neat little tidbit from the folks at Wired on 'How to Turn Your Kids into Trekkies'. Be a responsible parent and do the right thing.



Airtravel for Chad, Bacon for Colin! WOOP WOOP

So Tuesday, right after the show was over, Chad had to leave rather hastily, in order to catch his flight to San Fransisco, where he plans to join Starfleet Academy. UNFORTUNATELY FOR HIM, he missed out on the greatest gift a morning show DJ could ever ask for: Delicious Home Made Breakfast! Scrambled Eggs, Bacon and Pancakes, Courtesy of our good friend, Fellow CJSR DJ and Local Edmonton Playsmith Bohdan Tarasenko ( who you may remember from last Year's Edmonton Fringe Fest's Green Eggs and Kerouac ). Friends, you don't know true bliss until after you've had a pancake/egg/bacon burrito. Breakfast vs San Fran? I say Breakfast Wins!

BTW You can listen to Bohdan ( and Lada ) Every friday, 7pm to 9pm on 'Sounds Ukranian' on CJSR!

DOUBLE BTW, feel free to bring us breakfast. You could see your name here!



June 9, 2009 - The Greatest Idea IN THE HISTORY of Ideas

On Todays show, We turn a discussion on Spike's lame but kinda wicked 'Deadliest Warrior' Show, into AN EVEN More Spectacular show idea: DEADLIEST PRIME MINISTER, which is officially in pre production! Will Jean Chretien's force Grip deflect Stephen Harper's Missle Arms? We'll have to see! Also, Chad is off travelling ( again ) as he ventures of to San Fransisco, and gets lots of suggestions on where to go and what to see and do. If you're good, he'll bring you back a souvenier!

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Sonic Youth - The Eternal - Anti-Orgasm
Sean Savage - Sunshine Melodies - Childhood
Liechtenstein - Survival Strategies In a Modern World - Postcard
Delby L - Nine Skies - John From Cincinnati Part One
Plastik Joy - 3:03 - Sleepy Quest for Coffee
Suckers - s/t - Easy Chairs
Beck - One Foot in the Grave - Forcefield
The Rest - Everyone All At Once - Sheep in Wolves' Clothing
Márcio Local - Says Don Day Don Dree Don Don - Pret a Luxo
Staff Benda Bilili - Très Très Fort - Polio
Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest - Cheerleader
Mixylodian - the "K" EP - Pretty Little Spell
'It It - Hang Out EP - Ontario Girls
Makeout Videotape - Heat Wave! - I Guess the Lord is in New York
Harlem Shakes - Technicolor Health - Unhurried Hearts (Passaic Pastoral)
Neko Case - Middle Cyclone - People Got a Lotta Nerve
Françoiz Breut - À l'aveuglette - Les Jeunes Pousses
Smokekiller - 13 - Jenny
Woods - Songs of Shame - Down This Road
Still Flyin' - Never Gonna Touch the Ground - Forever Dudes

People Find It Difficult to Resist Your Persuasive Manner.


June 2, 2009 - We're just all Turkey, Spiders and Old Folks

On today's show, Colin gets spooked by Chad's 1970's Lord of the Rings record, they boy's celebrate ( and berate ) Jon Peter's birthday, and talk Giant Spiders. Chad also shares the Wisdom and funk of Joe Tex, which strikes a chord with some listeners, annnnnd then Colin forgets the Tuesday Morning fortune cookie. So instead, they grab a funny horoscope from www.humorscope.com

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Spent Penny - Wake Up
Mika Miko - We Be Xuxa - Turkey Sandwich
Endangered Ape - Ape Shall Not Kill Ape - Whites of My Eyes
Harlem Shakes - Technicolor Health - Niagara Falls
the Faunts - Feel. Love. Thinking. Of. - It Hurts Me All the Time
Mike Evin - Good Watermelon - Rockin' Receptionist
Floating Action - 50 Lashes
Hayden - The Place We Used to Live - Let's Break Up
Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest - Two Weeks
Jarvis Cocker - "Further Complications." - Leftovers
the Get Down - Dirty Power EP - Time
Heidi Happy - Flowers, Birds and Home - O-o-oh
the Honeydogs - Sunshine Committee - Balaclava
Apostle of Hustle - Eats Darkness - Soul Unwind
Joe Tex - Rub Down - Be Kind to Old People
Jenny Owen Youngs - Transmitter Failure - If I Didn't Know
Eamon McGrath - 13 Tales of Whiskey & Light - Desperation, Alberta
the Bummers - BBQ - Teenage Eyeballs
Kisses of Fire - Only Mountains - 2 Weeks
the Yells - Demo - Track 3
Meatdraw - Fin du Monophone - Black Licence Plates


TextBot 2.0??

For those who aren't aware, There is a third member of the Makin Whoopee Team...actually, i should correct myself.. technically there are lots of members: Chad, myself, Herb Alpert, The CJSR Bear, but there is ONLY ONE Robot member of Makin Whoopee and thats Textbot. He's the loveable scamp who receives all your text messages, calculates the information, and uses it as he compiles data before he activates all the machines and runs amok in a robot apocolypse. Now one would think that would be a problem, but its not. HOWEVER there is a Problem: Textbot is pricey!

Currently, I pay about $15 a month to charge up Texbot's minutes. Thats not all that much, mind you, but if you consider that Textbot only comes out of his hidey hole once a week for 2 hours ( the rest of time, spent in his lab, compiling that Apocolypse Data), it seems as Spock would say ' Illogical'. So i am in the process of upgrading Textbot and switching cell providers, hopefully to a company whos minutes don't expire every 10 minutes.

Any suggestions? Anyone use a pay as you go phone thats cheap, and doesn't expire that quickly? If you comment, Textbot will spare you in the robot uprising! Promise!