Wolverine DECLAWED

So i saw the 'Wolverine' Movie last night. Alot of times when the Comic movies come out, i make a point of seeing them in the theatre, but usually don't go opening day. Was planning to do the same for this one, but when your buddies call you up and say ' DUDE lets go see Wolverine', you go!

"X-Men Origins: Wolverine" is a prequel (And probably the first of many. Ugh) to the "X-Men" movie series. Hugh Jackman reprises his role as Logan, casting aside those burdensome, scene stealing other X-men, in exchange for...erm...other, burdensome, scene stealing pseudo X-men, such as Ryan Reynolds as the movie stealing 'Deadpool', Will.I.Am ( yes, from the Black Eyed Peas) as some guy with Nightcrawlers powers, and Taylor Kitsch as Gambit. No matter though! At last we'll learn the secrets of Wolverine which were teased in X-mens 1 thru 3: how he got his crazy metal skeleton; Why he has no memories, Who named him Logan, and most importantly; where he got his leather jacket!

Now then: THE GOOD - Loads of Canadian content! Wolverine is IN FACT Canadian (yahoo!) which was my biggest fear! Also in the movie: Canadian Ryan Reynolds, who in 10 minutes pretty much steals the entire movie as 'Deadpool' and Fellow Canadian Taylor Kitsch, who pretty much RUINS ( or helps ruin) the movie as 'Gambit'. Leiv Schreiber actually pulls out the best performance, as Wolverine's Brother 'Victor ( aka Sabertooth ). Oh and there as some beautiful shots of the Canadian Rockies and Foothills....though they were filmed in New Zealand. Doh! Oh and i guess if you like seeing Hugh Jackman with big freakin muscles ( and big freakin hair) You will enjoy that aspect of it as well!

THE BAD - The biggest shocker about Wolverine's past? Turns out...HE'S A NICE GUY! Really! That Dark, Brooding, Mysterious Anti Hero we saw in X-men? Well he aint here! This wolverine is a teddy bear! He just wants to live a quiet, claw free life, working as a lumber jack, living with his sweetheart in a nice cabin on the top of a mountain! So Docile is this Wolverine, that there is a scene in film where Hughverine, surrounded by his arch enemies, whom we swore to kill, learns his life has been a lie! He's been duped! Double Crossed! Two Timed! So what does he do? Fly into a Beserker Rage? Nope! Get this: HE WALKS AWAY. You keep expecting for this angry bad ass to show up, but he never does.

THE UGLY - Gambit. According to this movie, he can do crazy flips, kinda sorta climb a wall, jump reaaaally high, and fling exploding playing cards. I was only aware he could do the latter. Ugh.

THE VERDICT - "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" falls pretty short of where one would expect a Wolverine Preqel to be, and quite short for a Summer Popcorn movie. The supporting cast is vanilla ( save for Ryan Reynolds), the battle scenes are forgettable and repetitive, and the story seems to fall into the same trap as "X-Men 3"; where it becomes about filling the screen with as many different X-men characters (Emma Frost! Will.I.Am Guy! Scott...Summers??) as possible. No need to check this one out on the big screen, lest you have $15 and 2 hours to kill.


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