Star Trek Apalooza

Okay...We'll admit. We're a little jacked up about the New Star Trek film being released this week. So much so, We're giving Herb Alpert and the Makin Whoopee Brass the morning off, so we can play Music from the Original Series as backing music! Swish! And yes i did pay for this MUSIC Legally. You're Welcome Music Industry.

To further stoke my giddynyess, I was stumbling thru the TV Universe last night and found my favorite of the Trek Movies: Star Trek VI, The Undiscovered Country! So in keeping with the Star Trek Themes, i did some researching, and found these interesting Wikipedia Tidbits about My Fave Trek Film. Keep in mind, they are Wikipedia bits, so their authenticity maybe...um...Not so authentic. But they are fun none the less! Enjoy!

• Originally, Star Trek 6 was supposed to be a Series Reboot, featuring new, younger actors ( by this time, the Star Trek cast where in their late 60's, Early 70's). The Story was to revolve around Kirk and Co. at Starfleet acedemy, but early testing revealed that fans HATED the Idea.

• Walter Kroening, who played Chekov, wrote a draft of a script in which the whole crew, save for Spock and McCoy, Die. Bummer.

• Star Trek 6 was the first time Sulu's first name, Hikaru, was mentioned on film.

• Many of the sets used were actually the same sets, though modified, used on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

• Kim Cattrall, who played The Turncoat Vulcan 'Valeris', took part in an Unauthorized photoshoot on the Enterprise Bridge, in which she wore...erm...only her Vulcan ears. When Leonard Nimoy (Spock) who was executive producer of the film found out, he ripped up several of the photos, in order to protect the Franchise's good and wholesome name. Kim Cattrall later went on to play the Sex Crazed 'Samantha' on Sex and the City'. Go figure.


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