Sherlock Holmes: Action Hero!........umm...WHUT?

So the other day on my travels amongst the Internets, i stumbled upon a trailer for an Upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie. Now i should warn you, I am a bit of a Sherlock Holmes fan; i stumbled upon the books a couple years back and was quite surprised how entertaining they were! Not only is Mr. Holmes a detective whiz, but he's also a drug addict! AND a Master of disquise! So when is THE look of the trailer, i was kinda pumped! Robert "iron man' Downey Jr as Holmes? Nice! Jude Law as Dr. Watson? Ermm...and then i WATCHED the trailer.

Now im not saying that it looks bad, HECK it looks mildly entertaining...but Sherlock Holmes as a Man of Action? Boxing? Gun fights? And where the heck is this goofy hat? I won't judge this film YET, but i am raising a Spockian Eyebrow and grunting in concern. Hrrrmmmmmmm.


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