How to get Chad And Colin to play your stuff!

Good Morning Friends! Right now the Makin' Whoopee Podcast is uploading, so while that is going on, i'd thought i'd take the time to tell YOU the hungry starving attention craving musician, how you can get your stuff played on our show! Seeing as how we are all powerful DJ's who PICK OUR OWN MUSIC (digdigdig) We do have our own criterion on what we play and what we don't play. I should preface this by saying though, that i can't speak for Chad ENTIRELY, as we do have different tastes, but we do agree on certain things! Now then, get out your pens and pencils kids: HERE IS WHAT YOU DO:

1. Well first of all. Get your CD to the station! Drop it off, Mail it, have it delivered by carrier pigeon. Whatever you have to do. Get the Details here. It doesn't have to be a full album! We play EP'S and demos and special releases all the time!
2. Have a Clever Name and Cool Cover - oh and something shiny too.
3. CLEARLY MARK YOUR TRACK LIST - I went to play a cd last week cuz it looked cool, but the track list was all swirly and artistic, and i couldnt read it! FAIL. Back on the shelf it went.
4. OH AND IF ITS NOT TO MUCH TROUBLE - Mark the track length. This goes helps a TON when putting together a set. If you put the track length by a legible track listing, we love you. Seriously.
5. DON'T SWEAR- We cant play music with cuss words that early in the morning! So don't swear, or if you DO swear, let us know on which tracks. Cool? Thanks?
6. BRING THE ROCK - Seriously! Kill it! We like nothing more than turn it up, air punching music. Throw some Banjo in there too * ( * denotes a Colin preferances )
7. EMAIL US - Hey how about pointing us to your Myspace? Email makinwhoopee@cjsr.com


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