Chad vs Colin 2 - The Great Danish Debate

A couple weeks back, and completely at random, Chad and I had a disagreement as to the deliciousness factor of cottage cheese. Well in subsequent polls, advice and comments, We found more people agreed with Chad ( that Cottage Cheese IS Delicious) then agreed with me ( Cottage cheese fail!) Well i swore i would have my revenge...and my revenge is today! We are now engaged in what can only be the GREAT DANISH DEBATE: Cherry Danish vs Apple Danish! As of the end of the show Today, 4 people agree with me that APPLE is the king of deliciousville, and ONLY 2 PEOPLE are fool hardy enough to enjoy Cherry Danishes..Danishs..Danishi with Chad!

So all those who love Apple danishes, VOTE ON THE POLL ABOVE! Help us stop the Cherry Danish threat!


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